Boards up to 5x5cm.

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moneyMeans you can build your project and test your ideas.  Forget the breadboard.

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- 2/4 Layers
- 2-Sided Silkscreen
- 6 mil Trace/Spacing
- 12 mil Minimum Hole

Breadboard Killer

Breadboard Killer is a prototype PCB service for hobbyists, makers, hackers, students, engineers and other electronics enthusiasts. We offer very low cost PCBs that make it practical to test your designs and ideas.

As more and more surface mount parts become standard, and DIP packages become obsolete, the modern day electronics professional or enthusiast has to adjust their arsenal of prototyping techniques. PCB's have been around almost since the dawn of electronics and are specifically designed for assembling electronic circuits. They have however, remained relatively costly for hobbyists, students and small businesses. Breadboard Killer aims to tackle both of these issues. We offer Printed Circuit Boards that anyone can afford and in doing so we offer an alternative to breadboarding your prototypes. PCBs are much easier, cleaner, they last longer, and now they're a cost-effective alternative to other prototyping techniques.